At Perlopza, we have a component stocking system design to meet the expectations of each individual customer, knowing that each customer is different so are their needs, we have a system that will work for you or we will design one that meets your specific needs.

Accidents and emergencies will always happen, knowing this we are one step ahead of the game and we are ready to be ready for you when such event occurs.

Our Golden program works for 95%+ of our customers, is very simple, you provide us with all the MUST HAVE part numbers and a minimum and maximum quantities per each part number and we will manufacture these components and keep them in stock available for immediate shipping assuring next day delivery to all major cities in Mexico and USA.

The best part is that there is NO STOCKING FEES and of course you only pay for what you take, you will have access to our database where you will be able to see/order available components for your company.

Better yet, you can save a lot of money by ordering your annual usage and by doing this we will give a much better piece price based on a larger quantity that will be locked for a whole year, so if you take 1 or 100 pieces from your stock, PRICE WILL BE THE SAME.