Quality System based on
ISO 9000:2008

Our quality system is completely based on ISO 9000 standards, we are working on getting this certification by the second semester of 2021.

  • Complete job traceability
  • First piece approval
  • In Line Inspection
  • Final Inspection
  • Steel and Heat Treat Certification


We currently use nothing but the best measuring equipment in the industry.

  • AC Controlled Inspection Room kept at 65° F
  • Starrett, Optical Comparators
  • Deltronic, Plug Gage library Ø.011 thru Ø1.062 (±.00002)
  • Mitutoyo Micrometers, Gauge Blocks, Height Gauges and Tool Makers Microscope
  • Calibration is provided every 6 months by a certified third party
  • Etalon Indicating Micrometers