form grinding

Form Grinding

In this department we have two types of machines, machines that operate between centers and machines with a DEDTRU unit capable of holing .0001 TIR, the variety of machines allows us to have a limitless form grinding capabilities.

Centerless Grinding

Our centerless department has three different sizes of machines, 2” 4” and 6” capable of holding .0001” tolerance on the diameters, our components go from .500 to 12.00 in length.

Centerless grinding
Surface grinding

Surface Grinding

This department takes care of overall lengths, timing flats, molding flats, ejector blades, small plates and cavities, we can hold .0002 all day long.

Machining / CNC Machining

Equipped with a Gundrilling machine for waterline holes, several second op lathes, manual milling machines, CNC Machining Centers and CNC Turning Centers our machining capacity is practically limitless.

Machining / CNC Machining